Our Services.


We enjoy providing Bowling Green, Franklin, Smiths Grove, Scottsville, Glasgow, Kentucky and Tennessee a wide range of lawn and landscaping services including the design and maintenance of residential and commercial properties. If you don't see the service you want here, give us a call and we'll either do it for you and make sure you're in good hands with one of our Southern Touch partners.

Lawn Services


Keep your lawn looking its best with regular mowing at a frequency based on your needs. Services change with the seasons so we also offer mulching, leaf removal, and much more. Property lawncare is essential to keeping your property value up and maintaining a great appearance. Our new yearly mowing package contract will make budgeting for lawncare as easy as can be!

Fertilization and Weed Control


We can help you make smart choices for your lawn so it can flourish. We can provide an extensive lawn evaluation and an estimate for services. Turf services include fertilization, weed control, seeding, and aeration for a healthy looking lawn. We also provide tree and shrub treatment as a preventative measure and upon invasion of pests.



Whether you want to create a brand new look for your home or business, or maintain your current design, we can help. We will work with you to plan and design your project before executing that plan on time and on budget. Our focus is creating your outdoor space efficiently with the best products on the market. We guarantee our plants for 3 months.

Styled Garden


Let us complement your outdoor landscaping with hardscaping. If you want even more to create your backyard retreat, we can also build custom patios, firepits, waterscapes, and outdoor fireplaces.

Tree Trimming


We shape and top your trees to keep them healthy and prevent damage to nearby houses or electrical lines. We provide free, no obligation quotes and guidance on the best time to trim your trees.

Salt and Snow Removal


Stay safe and reduce risk of slipping and falling at your home or place of business. We'll provide you a quote to treat your property with salt and then make sure that you have the safest driveway and parking lot in the area when the time comes. For snow accumulation, we'll clear your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot.

Quick Leaf Removal


Fall will be here before you know it! When the time comes, our mowing crew can blow any leaves off hard surfaces and grass areas to the road, and do a quick road side pick-up. This would take place between the regular Leaf Removal Service to ensure the leaf build-up on your property does not get out of hand. This service does not include gutters or landscape beds.

Leaf Blowing and Removal


We have a variety of options to rid your property of leaves that can ruin your otherwise healthy grass underneath. We can blow your leaves to the curb for city pick-up, or rid your yard of leaves using our lawn equipment. Let us know what you need and we'll make sure to provide a free and competitive quote.

Gutter Cleaning & Guard Installation


Clogged gutters force water down to the foundation of your house and can cause structural damage. Let us remove debris from your gutter and keep water flowing properly away from your home. Full gutters also make gutters sag, eventually needing replacement. Keep your gutters clear to avoid bigger problems.

Want to make things a bit easier? We install Gutter Guards!

Roof Cleaning


Remove unsightly stains from your roof with safe non-pressurized roof cleaning. We partner with Algae Free Roof Cleaning to provide safe, effective cleaning methods using algaecides, surfactants, and mold inhibitors. Your roof will look brand new, thereby increasing the property value of your home. 

Seeding and Aeration


Overseeding and aeration in the Fall leads to a healthy, green lawn in the Spring. Whether you are working to make your existing lawn look better or you're starting from scratch, we can seed your lawn in a way that yields a healthy, beautiful looking lawn. Aeration provides the means for your yard to breathe, gain access to nutrients, and be healthy.

Sod Installation


When you're starting from scratch with new construction or a complete lawn renovation, sod installation can give your property quick results and a jumpstart. We acquire and lay your sod in a way that looks natural and healthy. Give our team of experts a call for a free and competitive quote.

Vizsla Dogs


Highlight your landscaping with mulch that not only provides a rich, maintained look, but also serves the function of helping your landscaping flourish. Using a variety of mulch to perfectly match the look of your landscape, we help you select your mulch and then add it to your property with just the right Southern Touch.

Tree and Shrub Treatment


Keep your trees and shrubs alive and well with treatments designed to prevent infestations. Trees and shrubs that get fully infested often have to be replaced, but if you can prevent disease or treat it quickly, you can save your existing trees and shrubs. Be preventative and protect the investments you've been growing over time.

Flea and Tick Spraying


For a safer yard for people and pets, we spray for pests. Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about being attacked by pesky fleas and ticks. Grill out, have friends over, and let your dog roll around a little without the danger of the infestations fleas bring and diseases ticks spread.

Irrigation Installation


We provide irrigation installation to keep your lawn watered and healthy. Already have irrigation installed and just need some winter maintenance to keep your system intact, give us a call and we can help.

Stump Removal


Stumps can be extremely difficult to remove and hazardous if left alone. They attract insects, are hard to maneuver around, and have the potential to cause new tree growth. It is best to leave this liability up to the professionals. 

Gutter Guard Installation


If you are tired of cleaning out your gutters regularly, gutter guards may be your best bet. We provide experienced installation to ensure the job is done correctly. Don't wait until clogged gutters damage your home to take advantage of this service.

Downspout Installation


Protecting your home or building's foundation is crucial. Directing the flow of rainwater to ground level protects it from harmful water damage. We will save you the headache and take care of installation, leaving you with peace of mind.